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Choosing an Under Counter Ice Maker

An under counter ice maker can be an invaluable addition to any modern kitchen. These appliances are able to produce high quality ice quickly and easily. These units listed below are The Best Under Counter Ice Maker. Many also work as water dispensers, so you can also enjoy chilled water. You can enjoy a range of benefits from these appliances. They are perfect for the summer, as you can enjoy chilled drinks whenever you like. The ice melts more slowly than cloudy ice, plus you don’t have the hassle of having to set your own ice or go to the store for bags of ice.

With such a wide choice of under counter ice maker options available, you should have no problem finding one to suit your needs perfectly. The electric ice maker are available at different price points and with a range of features. All you need to do is determine how much you can afford to spend and which features are most important to you. You can then select the most appropriate under counter ice maker with our Ice Maker Reviews listed below.

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Why people invest in under counter ice makers

There are many reasons why people decide to invest in an under counter ice maker. Some of the main reasons include:

  • A practical addition to any modern kitchen

  • Also ideal for home bars and recreational vehicles or boats

  • Makes ice quickly and easily

  • No need to set your own ice in trays or buy bags of ice from the shop

  • Ideal for those that like to entertain at home

  • Perfect for making chilled drinks in the warm weather

The exact features and price of these appliances will vary, but all offer key benefits such as increased practicality, ease, and convenience.

Some of the top under counter ice makers on the market

You should have no problem finding the right under counter ice maker for your needs given the wide choice available. You should make sure you look at the key aspects of the ice makers you are interested in before you make your decision. In addition to the price of the under counter ice maker, you should also look at the design and appearance, the features and specifications, and customer reviews to see what others think.

A high quality, stylish under counter ice maker, this appliance can make up to 12 pounds of ice on a daily basis. It is also able to store up to six pounds of ice. It comes with a water line included, and can be installed quickly and easily. This is a very modern, sleek ice maker with a reversible door for added convenience. It has front venting and it can be used as a built in or a free standing appliance.

The dimensions of this ice maker stand at 26 x 19 x 17 inches and it weighs 54 pounds. Its black and stainless steel design means that it will suit most décor. This is the perfect addition to your kitchen, home bar, recreational vehicle, or even the office. It provides you with a practical solution to making ice, and is quick and efficient.

The ice maker has an auto shut-off feature, so when the ice bucket is full it was close down until it is emptied. This is a key safety feature for peace of mind. Once you have emptied it, you can continue with your ice-making as normal. This is a high performance unit that offers a range of modern features. It is perfect for the summer as well as for those that enjoy entertaining.

The key features of the ice maker are:

  • Makes up to 12 pounds of ice per day

  • Stores up to six pounds of ice

  • Has a reversible door

  • Comes with a water line included

  • Freestanding or built in design

  • Auto shut-off feature

This combined under counter ice maker with freezer is beautifully designed and offers high performance. If you enjoy entertaining or simply want to have high quality ice on hand for refreshing chilled drinks, this is the perfect solution. The ice maker is black with a stainless steel door. You can use it as a freestanding ice maker or built-in depending on your preference. It also boasts a reversible door to suit your needs.

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With this ice maker, you can produce up to 12 pounds of ice each day, and you can also store up to 6 pounds. Weighing in at 55 pounds, the machine’s dimensions are 18 x 15 x 25 inches. It is constructed from high quality steel and is robust and hardwearing. The ice maker does not require any drainage, and when the ice bucket is full you can simply remove it.

This unit will look great in your kitchen or home bar, as it adds a stylish and modern touch as well as increased practicality. In addition, it is ideal for your recreational vehicle, enabling you to enjoy ice cold drinks when you are away. The crescent shaped ice cubes look attractive in drinks, and the ice won’t melt as quickly as regular ice so your drinks won’t go watery within seconds during the hot weather.

The key features of this appliance are:

  • Combined ice maker with freezer

  • Freestanding or built in design

  • Produces up to 12 pounds of ice daily

  • Stores up to six pounds of ice

  • No drainage required

If you’re looking for a high capacity ice maker with superb performance, this is the ideal choice for you. While the price of this under counter ice maker is at the higher end of the scale, it does produce a huge amount of ice. The design is black with a stainless steel front door. It can be used as a freestanding unit or if you prefer you can have it plumbed in. Either way, its modern design will look great in any kitchen.

With this ice maker, you can produce up to 50 pounds of ice each day, so you will certainly never run short. It has a front exhaust fan and an auto shut-off feature, which kicks in if the ice bucket is full. In addition to making large amounts of ice per day, this appliance can also store up to 25 pounds of ice. It is important to note that the machine does require the use of filtered water and it will need to be installed by a professional, licensed plumber.

The size of this unit is 23.6 x 14.6 x 32.8 inches and the weight is 84 pounds. It is a very solidly constructed, high quality appliance that is designed to last. It has a reversible door, so you can choose left or right swing to suit your needs. The ice produced is of restaurant quality, and it will stay frozen for far longer than standard ice. This is ideal for the summer, when ice tends to melt away in a matter of minutes.

The key features of this ice maker are:

  • Makes up to 50 pounds of ice daily

  • Stores up to 25 pounds of ice

  • Has an auto shut-off feature

  • Creates restaurant quality clear ice

This ice maker offers very high specifications and performance, which is reflected in the higher price. Sleek, stylish and silver, it offers a wide range of valuable features. This is a high capacity ice maker that is designed for commercial use. It is perfect for restaurants and bars, producing attractively shaped, slow melting ice that will not result in watered down drinks for customers. The appliance is also approved for use outdoors.

The ice maker weighs 112 pounds with dimensions of 22 x 14.9 x 34.4 inches. The appliance can be purchased with an integrated drain pump, which helps to reduce the cost of installation. In addition, it has a water quality sensor and this can help to increase the time period between cleaning. Once installed, you can enjoy crystal clear ice cubes that are created using state of the art technology. These not only look more attractive served up in customers’ drinks but they also last far longer without melting.

While this is described as a commercial ice maker, it is also popular amongst general consumers looking for a powerful, high capacity ice maker for the home. Some use it in their kitchens while others use it outdoors or in their home bars. Another benefit is that, given its size, it is not a noisy machine. Any unused ice melts and is used to create fresh ice, which adds to the convenience and practicality of the appliance.

The key features of this ice maker include:

  • Ideal for commercial use

  • Creates gourmet ice that looks attractive and does not melt quickly

  • Can be used outdoors

  • Comes with a water quality sensor

  • Can be purchased with an integrated drain pump

If you do a lot of entertaining at home, or you have a larger family, you may be looking for a high capacity under counter ice maker for your kitchen or home bar. If this is the case, then this model may suit your needs perfectly. The appliance has a very stylish and modern design and offers powerful ice making capabilities. It comes with a range of valuable features and offers simple 3-step installation. It is a black unit with a commercial grade stainless steel door. Robust and solid, this appliance is designed to perform excellently.

This machine is capable of producing up to 12 pounds of ice each day, and it can also store up to 6 pounds of ice. It comes with easy to use digital controls, which provide increased simplicity and convenience. The ice produced is gourmet quality clear ice, which is designed not to melt quickly and looks attractive. It can be used as a freestanding unit or built in based on your own preferences. The unit also has adjustable legs and a reversible door. The ice comes out in sheets, which can be easily broken apart into individual cubes.

Made in the United States, the dimensions of the ice maker are 18 x 15 x 25 inches. It has a front venting system and comes with a removable ice bucket and scoop. The design ensures that the appliance will look great in any home bar or kitchen. It is the perfect way to produce large amounts of high quality ice to keep drinks cool and create fancy cocktails. In addition, you no longer have to worry about making ice yourself using trays or rushing to the store to buy it in bags.

Some of the key features of this product include:

  • Creates up to 12 pounds of ice daily

  • Stores up to 6 pounds of ice

  • It has modern digital controls

  • Can be used on freestanding or built in basis

  • Has adjustable legs and reversible door

In summary

With an under counter ice maker you can benefit from a product that looks really stylish and provides total ease and convenience. As you can see, there are many different options available and the price varies based on the one you choose. There are options for those on a budget as well as those looking to spend a little more on a higher capacity machine. Most will require the use of a professional plumber if you want it built in, but you can then enjoy years of trouble free ice making in your own home.

The design of these modern appliances means that most will fit in nicely with any kitchen décor. They can add to the functionality and practicality of your kitchen. The appliances are also perfect if you are hosting an event such as a party. You can then serve up iced drinks to your guests without any problem.

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